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SOLVAir for Domestic Waste-Waste to Energy plant/ Energy from Waste

Case Study: Wekaya (Sharjah, UAE) - Medical and Hazardous Waste Management

Wekaya- Key Facts and Figures 2022

  • 300 kg/h waste incineration capacity
  • 1000 t of medical waste incinerated in 2022

SOLVAir® customer Wekaya—located in Sharjah, UAE—provides integrated solutions in the medical waste management services. Among other services, they collect and transport medical wastes to the operation’s treatment plant, which includes an incineration process.


Client’s Needs: A Fully Dry Process that Meets UAE Emission Requirements

The incineration step requires an Air Pollution Control system that complies with the United Arab Emirates air emission standardsAdditionally, this process demands a high-performance, reliable system that ensures they can accept different types of waste, enhancing business profitability.


UAE emission levels standards:

  • 10 mg HCl /Nm3
  • 50 mg SO2/Nm3
  • 1 mg    HF/ Nm3.


How SOLVAir® Helped Wekaya Attain Their Goals

The designed incineration system included an Air Pollution Control system based on a Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) of sodium bicarbonate and activated carbon. DSI is a widely applied system, and is included in the Best Available Techniques of the Waste Incineration European reference. It involves injecting the dry reagents in the flue gas flow to mitigate acid gas pollutants. This solution does not require the usage of water: it is a fully dry process.


Accordingly, optimal sodium bicarbonate quality selection is key to achieving good acid removal performances while keeping an optimized cost of operation.

SOLVAir® Medical waste incinerator graphic


Benefits from Wekaya's Chosen Solution

Wekaya uses SOLVAir® sodium bicarbonate grades, specifically conceived for the Air Pollution Control application. The main properties of our reagents are:

  • Excellent removal rate of all acid gases (HCl, SO2, SO3 and HF).
  • Stable emissions thanks to sodium bicarbonate efficiency.
  • It can adapt to any waste input while keeping emission limits under control.


SOLVAir® Advantages

  • very effective solution to meet the UAE standards
  • Zero water required to operate: full dry solution.
  • Safe product to handle: bicarbonate is neutral, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-inflammable.
  • Hassle-free operation: with SOLVAir®’s great performance, operators can keep their focus on the key operations.


At SOLVAir®, we support our customers' needs by giving our experts technical expertise to achieve the best performances with our products while offering excellent local commercial support.



With the support of the SOLVAir® team, our customer has received a solution that tackles air pollution control and operational costs while being easy and flexible. We are replicating this success story in other waste facilities in the GCC. SOLVAir® not only optimizes the consumption of Wekaya's reagent, but also reduces the residues generated per tonne of medical waste incinerated.


Manel Gaston Elias, Market Development Manager SOLVAir®