SOLVAir for Ceramic industry


SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution works with tiles, bricks and expanded clay production plants to respect local regulations while cutting treatment costs.

SOLVAir for cement industry-industries served


SOLVAir® helps cement manufacturers mitigate their emissions due to the increasingly switch to alternative fuels: waste and industrial residues.

SOLVAir for Non Ferrous Mettalurgy Industries

Non ferrous metallurgy

SOLVAir® Solution works with non-ferrous metallurgy industries including metals recovery, refining and recycling of precious or semi precious metals...

SOLVAir for steel industries


SOLVAir® is supporting steel and iron production plants to mitigate rejected acid gas emissions while saving energy costs.

SOLVAir fpr Oil refining/oil refinery industries

Oil refining

SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution allows oil refineries plants to reach important mitigation level of acid emissions while reducing costs.

SOLVAir for Carbon based industry (graphite, fiber, Carbon black)

Carbon based industry

SOLVAir® solution provides acid gas mitigation and protection for Coke, Graphite, Carbon fiber, and Carbon black production. 

SOLVAir for industrial wool industry- review of the plant map

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool producers use SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution to mitigate their flue gas emissions in a cost-effective manner.

SOLVAir for glass industries-working engineers


SOLVAir®’s sodium bicarbonate sorbents neutralize glass manufacturers' acid components in flue gases so they can easily comply with legal emission regulations.