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SOLVAir-clients visit torrelavega plant and flue gas treatment installation

SOLVAir®: Clean air solutions for higher performance

More efficient, cost-effective and simple exhaust cleaning

Who are we?

SOLVAir® handles the cleaning of exhaust gases with simple, innovative and efficient flue gas treatment solutions.

Our priority is our customers’ industrial, business and environmental performance. Over the past 30 years, our international team of experts and engineers has developed a series of specific sodium-based solutions to remove acid gases (HCl, SOx, HF...) from exhaust for all types of industries such as energy from waste, industrial, marine and energy production.

Our missions:

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  • Advise customers on the installation of clean air solutions

  • Continuously improve Dry System Installations (DSI) performance

  • Produce and deliver sodium-based sorbents globally

  • Handle residue recycling in some parts of the world.


Our motives

At SOLVAir®, we are driven by three key elements: performances, customers, and spirit of innovation.

  1. Working hand in hand with our customers

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    SOLVAir® is a fundamentally customer-centric solution. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers to find durable solutions for their exhaust gas cleaning systems, ultimately helping them gain efficiency in their everyday operations.

    Answering their need for cost-effectiveness and simplicity, we provide them with tailor-made solutions and services that are truly adapted to their situation, so that they can focus on their core business above all else.

  2. Innovation for effectiveness

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Sodium bicarbonate is a high quality active mineral that Solvay has been producing for over a century. The SOLVAir® team combines this legacy with a strong drive for innovation based on analyzing data, conducting on-site tests in partnership with our clients and relying on an international team of expert engineers. All this enables us to adapt our high performance flue gas treatment technology to a wide range of industries and help our customers obtain constantly improved results.

Our solutions increase energy efficiency, letting operators reach energetic efficiency ratios of over 65%. Furthermore, the net yield of energy recovery can be boosted by SOLVAir® from 29% for some wet flue gas treatment with only electricity production, to up to 88% for a waste to energy plant using SOLVAir® process and connected to district heating network, for example.

Finally, constant innovation on our solutions enables us to improve their cost effectiveness as well as increase their positive environmental impact.


Your needs, the international context

Reducing the impact of human activities

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Every industry today is aware of the importance of minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment: Pollutions of the air, water and soils have an impact and recent studies estimate 800 000 lives were lost each year in Europe due to it.

To face these challenges, most countries are preparing or have adopted regulations to limit pollutions, enhance energy efficiency, regulate the transborder of pollution (Goteborg protocol) and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and raw materials.

For example, key programs and regulations in Europe have a strong impact on industrial activities :

  • The Industrial Emissions Directive and the sectorial BATC (Best Available Technic Conclusions).

  • The Application of Paris agreement: the Clean Air Policy Package for all Europeans program.

  • The Circular Economy program and its ambition to reduce the consumption of new raw material increasing the reuse of renewed product.

SOLVAir®, a committed partner

SOLVAirl-a committed partner-solvair operator on Torrelavega plant

Beyond helping industries comply with these regulations, SOLVAir® seeks to contribute to improving people’s lives. For this reason, we have from the get-go taken into account the consequences of our actions, for example by improving constantly our process efficiency, implementing a residue recycling process and enhancing energy recovery by avoiding the necessity to reheat flue gases.

We are the only player in the market whose activities extend to residue recycling.

The recycled sodium residue is injected into our soda ash manufacturing process.

Your Key Benefits

It provides economical and operational efficiency

The simplicity of our solution means it requires low CapEx and limited OpEx. It’s easy to install and operational costs are reduced thanks to lower maintenance needs.

It’s sustainable

Thanks to its flue gas cleaning high performance, our solution has an overall smaller footprint than other solutions. It generates less residue, less plume and consumes limited resources.

It’s easy to install

SOLVAir®’s technology is a simple and flexible process for exhaust gas treatment. Installing it takes a very limited amount of time, and it yields excellent results from the get-go.

It’s easy to adapt

Our solution not only works at a wide range of temperatures. It also provides flexibility in adapting to ever-evolving emissions regulations.

It’s easy to handle

The active ingredient in the sorbent we use is sodium based, a 100% non-hazardous material for employee health and for the environment.

This is not the case with sorbents used by usual flue gas treatment solutions. Furthermore, the product’s innocuity minimizes operational issues: no lengthy safety procedures required.


It’s global

Solvay is one of the world’s largest producers of sodium bicarbonate. Thanks to its global presence, our solutions can be delivered worldwide, ensuring consistent reliability wherever you are in the world.

It’s available in large quantities and is first in class quality

Our robust solid production and distribution capabilities enable us to meet customer demand and quality requirements.



We’ve been doing this for a long time

With 30 years of experience and our global team of 30 senior engineers, SOLVAir® possesses the highest industrial exhaust cleaning expertise you can find.

The SOLVAir® team has extensive business experience

SOLVAir®’s portfolio comprises hundreds of clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries all over the world: cement manufacturing, sludge incineration, the metal industry, biomass production, power plants, maritime transport, etc. Each has their specific needs and challenges, and we have learned to guide them through all their particular flue gas treatment challenges.


Our solutions are tailor-made

We conduct in-depth studies with all our customers in order to provide guaranteed results every time. They are advised all along the way for the installation and optimization of their clean air treatment systems. SOLVAY also produces and delivers its own sodium-based sorbent everywhere around the world.

Full customization for all industries

With our combination of technical expertise and production and distribution capabilities, SOLVAir® is able to offer tailor-made solutions to clients that adapt to all types of plants and industries.

Full circle with residue recycling

SOLVAir® also promotes a virtuous circular economy model where product is supplied, maintained and can be recycled.

How SOLVAir® solutions works?

The Dry Sorbent Injection Process


SOLVAir®, a brand of the SOLVAY Group

SOLVAir® is the brand developed and owned by Solvay Group to offer sodium based air pollution control solutions, sodium based. Its teams manage products, sales, technical support, residue recycling, research, and development. It has been created more than thirty years ago.

As a global advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, SOLVAY is committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. Air pollution control is one of them.

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