What SOLVAir® can do for you?

We support our clients from conception to implementation and optimization

Our services are designed to provide you with full and customized support so you can concentrate on your core business and achieve your goals now and in the future.

  • Guide you before making decisions about a DSI system (Dry Sorbent Injection) 
  • Accelerate the installation and full functioning of your DSI
  • Constantly optimize your flue gas treatment system 

Covering the full process

In other words, we cover the entire lifecycle of your flue gas treatment system, from design to installation.
Please note: we don’t build or sell flue gas treatment installations, but provide engineering support and guidelines for design documents to ensure our solution is designed properly. This will facilitate reaching desired emissions targets.


Key data and experiences to help you make informed choices

Some of our clients need to build a completely new Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) system, some are thinking about switching to DSI, some might want to add a DSI to their current installation… Whatever the situation, we actively support our clients in their search for an optimal flue gas treatment system that will be easy to adapt now and in the future, and at the best cost.

Visit of a reference installation 

SOLVAir-services-clients visit Torrelavega bicarbonate plant

To make things easy, clear and efficient, we offer our clients to visit a user’s reference installations so they can experience how it works firsthand. They get a lifesize view of what SOLVAir® provides, can exchange with the system’s users, review the installations, collect feedback from its day-to-day operators and ultimately understand how they could easily implement a dry system installation.

Full audit of the existing installation

Before we install our Dry Sorbent Injection system (DSI), we conduct a full assessment of our client’s facility and needs, in order to ensure the relevance of our solution and measure the exact benefits it could provide in their situation. We may also work on existing installations and determine the most suitable modifications to make in order to handle SOLVAir® reactants.

On-site testing 

Perhaps you’ve already seen one of SOLVAir®’s vans on the roads of Europe, or our dedicated team with all its gear working directly on installations. Thanks to the tests conducted on your facility using mobile equipment, followed by their analysis in our labs, we measure your exact needs and the rate of efficiency we can provide in your situation. This is a key element that enables us to provide guaranteed results and the full cost of operations before the installation even begins.

Case studies and precise data

In order to help our clients make a quick yet informed decision, we can also provide business cases along with the data we collected. 

    Services to facilitate the installation of the DSI and ensure peak performance

    Predictable results before installation 

    Thanks to our process of audits and on-site trials, we are able to know the exact quantity of reactant you will need and the results that will be achieved. 

    A dedicated team of experts to ensure results from the get-go

    There is no secret: to be able to ensure good results from the get-go, whoever the client and whatever the industry, our team of experts dedicate time to assessing the situation and offer specific expertise during the start-up phase. 

    Tailor-made process and guidance 

    Even if your activity is similar to another, each facility has its own specificities. 
    For this reason, we deliver personalized advice and guidelines adapted to each situation.

    Training to increase operational efficiency

    Our solutions are simple and easy to operate. To make sure you get the full benefits from them, we provide training for your personnel on-site. Our goal is to make things easy for you so that you can take full advantage of our solutions and enjoy the reductions they provide in terms of cost and labor.


    Active follow-up to exceed current and future needs

    We regularly optimize the cost efficiency of your DSI (Dry Sorbent Injection) 

    We regularly conduct the optimization of your system to ensure its continued peak performance. Tests are conducted regularly: generally once a year, but also at specific times when your facility’s emissions change or when regulations evolve.

    SOLVAir services-active follow up-operators
    • We gather user feedback about their experience with our solution.
    • We analyze the products generated by the reaction to measure the efficiency of our solution, enabling us to implement an action plan for optimization, if needed.
    • We conduct an in-depth audit of filter management and regulation management in order to reduce the consumption of reactant as much as possible, thus improving efficiency and reducing logistics costs.

    If you have a look at our I.V.O.O case study, you will understand how this optimization process can lead to exceeding a client’s need to improve performance, in this case, energy performance. 

    Unparalleled services

    A team of experts like no other in the market

    Services-team of expert-Torrelavega laboratory-SOLVAir

    Over 20 engineers, 30 years of experience

    The SOLVAir® Team is quite a special team! It comprises business developers, chemists and engineers, men and women located everywhere around the world, with incomparable expertise in their field. Some of them have been working for SOLVAir® for more than 30 years!


    Skills and long-term relationships

    This is in the heart of the SOLVAir® brand. We don’t sell sodium-based sorbents, we sell SOLVAir® Solutions. What does this mean? We are proud to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions, tailor-made for each facility, easy to adapt now and in the future.
    Have a look at our case studies to understand to get a better idea.

    An adaptation to all your needs

    Whether you’re looking to install a flue gas treatment system for your facility from scratch, optimize an existing installation, or even if you only need advice, we help you to: 

    • Improve the efficiency of your operation so you can focus on your core business while reducing your costs
    • Make informed decisions through personalized advice and accurate data
    • Take full advantage of our simple to install and easy to operate solution

    How does our recycling offer work?

    A patented technology, unique in the market

    Through our SOLVAir® Residual Sodium Chemicals (RSC) recycling solution, we offer our customers the possibility to handle the recycling of the residue generated by their flue gas treatment systems.

    To do this, SOLVAir® has developed and patented an original technology that allows the production of purified sodium brine from flue gas treatment residue in order to replace the natural brine used in soda ash production plants. Our operations Solval® in Italy and Resolest® in France have successfully industrialized this technology since 1998.

    None of our competitors can offer this service at the moment.

    A service adapted to all our customers

    This offer could work for all our customers in search of solutions to decrease their environmental footprint and increase their regulatory compliance, from waste-to-energy operators to industrial clients as well as the marine industry.

    Whatever the industry, recycling replaces the extraction of virgin raw materials with chemical processes and reduces the amount of residue to be landfilled by a factor of 10 or more.

    The brine recycling process

    The SOLVAir® RSC Recycling process yields a brine whose contents can be recycled. The residue is dissolved in water at a controlled PH, with additives, and filtered in order to eliminate residual organic matter and any remaining traces of heavy metals.

    The purified brine is then re-used in the sodium carbonate manufacturing process. The recycling operations are conducted at specialized facilities located close to sodium carbonate production centers.

    What are the key benefits of our recycling process?

    Promoting the circular economy

    Thanks to this process, natural resources are saved and landfilling following the incineration of flue gas residues is avoided. What’s more, recycling sodium chemicals residue is in line with circular economy policies.

    A unique, environmentally sound service

    SOLVAir® is the only player offering the recycling of flue gas treatment residue. We combine the transport of sodium sorbent with that of the residue by using the same trucks, thereby reducing pollution and traffic congestion. Lastly, the recycling process doesn’t generate any emissions in the air or effluents, making it an environmentally sound process.


    SOLVAir® recycling - Key figures

    • Nearly 2 million tons of brine recycled so far
    • Successful operation for over 20 years

    Our operations 

    These are the operations to offer our Residual Sodium Chemicals (RSC) recycling solution services:

    Since 1998 flue gas treatment in Rosignano, Italy works by NEUTREC process

    Solval® , Italy

    Solval®  operates the first recycling plant for RSCs from waste-to-energy facilities. The facility is in Rosignano, close to Pisa and near Solvay’s legacy soda ash plant in Italy, which uses the purified brine produced by Solval as raw material to produce soda ash.
    At Ecomondo, the international green economy exhibition, the Solval plant received a ‘special mention’ among the best Italian projects for adopting best practices in the circular economy. 

    Resolest® , France


    Located in the north of France, Resolest®  handles the recycling of RSCs from the flue gas treatment systems of waste-to-energy plants.
    The facility was inaugurated in 2003, through a joint venture between Solvay and Suez. The purified brine it produces is used as raw material at the nearby Solvay soda works at Dombasle to produce soda ash. 



    The Resogypse®  process is a SOLVAir® Solution applied by Resolest for the recycling of RSCs from desulfurization facilities. It offers the significant advantage of transforming the residuals into two valuable products: calcium sulfate, known as gypsum and widely used in cement production, and sodium chloride, used as a raw material in soda ash production.


    How is our recycling offer evolving?

    Full presence in Europe

    We have currently extended our residue recycling offer beyond France and Italy. Our French-based operator Resolest is also present in neighboring countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

    Extending beyond Europe

    Though our offer remains currently only available in Europe, we are looking at several opportunities to extend it to other continents in the near future.

    A truly global reach

    SOLVAir-global reach-torrelavega plant-worldwide delivery

    We are present on all continents

    Thanks to our network of plants, depots and regional representations, we provide full supply security wherever our customers are in the world. What’s more, by systematically sharing best practices, we encourage cross fertilization between regions, as we want to facilitate the circulation of knowledge and experience with our solution.

    An international team of experts

    SOLVAir® can also rely on an in-house global network of experts to support its customers worldwide. Thanks to their extensive experience, they are the most highly qualified advisors to ensure that our customers get the best performance of their flue gas treatment systems.

    Below is a map of SOLVAir®’s international presence

    Soda Ash Bicarbonate plants -worldwide-2019-with legend