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Clean air solutions for higher performance

As a market leader in flue gas treatment, we provide hundreds of customers worldwide with efficient, easy to use and reliable sodium-based solutions - including management of associated waste in selected markets.

Building on our team's unparalleled technical expertise and on our unique global reach, we guide our customers through most flue gas treatment challenges - helping them implement clean air solutions while securing higher industrial and organizational performance.

SOLVAir Marine - dry sox solution
SOLVAir® Solutions

SOLVAir® Marine

SOLVAir® has extended its portfolio with a sodium-based dry SOx scrubber solution that cleans exhaust gases from vessels running on High Sulphur Heavy fuel Oil diesel engines to meet International Maritime Organization (IMO 2020) regulations and beyond.

SOLVAIR marine Webinar February 2021
SOLVAir® Marine Webinar

SOx, NOx and Particle Removal

How to manage Dry Exhaust Gas Cleaning challenges? What are the advantages for vessels running on HSFO? What are the synergies with SCR DeNOx? Watch our webinar Replay to get the answers!

Webinar Sludge SOLVAir Website

Sludge Industry : Key Facts & Case Studies

Why is dry sodium bicarbonate injection chosen by dozens of European incinerators?

SOLVAIR Waste to Energy Webinar September 2020 2

Waste to Energy: Key facts and Case studies

Why SOLVAir® easily answers to the most stringent regulations, including the revised BREF WI?

SOLVAir-Cement manufacturing
Case study

Download our Cement case studies Paper!

You will find on this document SOLVAir® Dry Sorbent Injection results and data obtained during regular operations or industrial trials. 

Kempten-SOLVAir-Waste to Energy
Case Study

ZAK Energie GmbH - Facility in Kempten, Germany

Thanks to SOLVAir®,  every year, 25 000 tons of CO2 are avoided and 85 Millions kWh of district heat are produced. Wonder how?


Hundreds of clients worldwide

For more than 30 years we have been developing tailor-made solutions in different sectors :

Energy production, Industrial,  Marine and Waste to energy.

SOLVAir targetted pollutants

HCl, SO2, SO3, HF, Particulates, NOx, Residuals

SOLVAir® solutions provides unparalleled results to remove targeted pollutants.

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SOLVAir for Energy from waste industries / Waste to Energy
Industries served

Waste to Energy operators

Discover how SOLVAirⓇ does support Waste-to-Energy operators saving energy.

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SOLVAir® is now labeled as a “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution"

SOLVAir® is proud to have received the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label from the Solar Impulse Foundation.