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SOLVAir for Energy from Biomass-Energy production

Webinar: How to Increase Fuel Flexibility While Ensuring Emissions Compliance

How to Increase Fuel Flexibility While Ensuring Emissions Compliance.

Discover how dry sorbent Injection using SOLVAir® sodium bicarbonate presents technical and economic advantages for biomass combustion. Our team of experts discuss how effectively-treated biomass can help improve your operation. 

During the webinar, our SOLVAir® experts, Manel Gastón and Kai Sartorius, go over:

  • Sustainable integration of energy sources for reduced carbon power generation

  • Different emissions regulations for clean and polluted biomass

  • How dry sorbent injection technology can mitigate >99% of SOx and HCl emissions in polluted biomass and waste energy valorization plants

  • Total cost of ownership evaluation

  • Case studies with customers who successfully applied SOLVAir® Solutions to ensure their biomass combustion facilities meet the most stringent emissions regulations

Enjoy at your leisure to learn more about our proven experience with flue gas cleaning.