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Solvay launches White Paper on preparing for 2025 emission regulation changes in maritime shipping

Solvay, a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions, announces the release of a comprehensive White Paper aimed at assisting maritime industry stakeholders in preparing for upcoming emission regulation changes. With the International Maritime Organization (IMO) set to enforce a significant reduction in sulphur content for marine fuels in the Mediterranean Sea starting May 1, 2025, from the current 0.5% to 0.1%, the industry faces pivotal adjustments.

The White Paper, titled "The Impact of Increasingly Stringent Air Pollution Regulations on Maritime Exhaust Gas Treatment", explores the implications of these regulatory shifts and offers insights into compliance strategies. It underscores Solvay's commitment to supporting sustainable practices in global shipping through innovative solutions.

Key highlights of the White Paper include:

  • Overview of the IMO's sulphur content reduction mandate and its impact on maritime operations.
  • Analysis of strategies to achieve compliance with SO2 emissions targets and enhance environmental performance.
  • Introduction to SOLVAir® Marine solutions, designed to facilitate the transition to cleaner marine fuels and mitigate environmental impact.

The White Paper is now available for download here.