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SOLVAir for Energy production industries-Industrial boilers 2

THE SOLVAir® Breeze - October 2019

FOCUSING ON…Industrial boilers! The economic benefits of DSI using dry sodium sorbents in flue gas mitigation

While wet scrubbers are often used at large boilers due to their high SO2 removal efficiency (> 95%), their high capital and O&M costs can make them uneconomical for some small utility boilers.  The majority of these boilers have neither enough physical space, nor, in some cases, the capital funding necessary for wet scrubbers. Another drawback of a wet scrubber is that the resultant water must be treated before being released, adding another cost. DSI with sodium sorbents are perfect for smaller industrial applications and are a cost effective option.  Contact us to find out how, or click here for more in-depth information.

WHAT’S UP! Industrial boilers reach high emissions mitigation with SOLVAir® solutions

Over 98% achievable HCl mitigation with ESP and Fabric Filters (FF)!  Over 95% achievable mitigation rate for SO2 with FF, and 90% with ESP… Find out more here!

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