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Reducing Flue-Gas Emissions from Industrial Plants



An eGuide to Flue-Gas Cleaning Solutions

As the public drumbeat over air pollution and climate change grows louder every year, regional authorities continue tightening environmental regulations that challenge engineers to optimize and innovate flue-gas cleaning technology at industrial operations such as waste-to-energy plants, metal, oil and gas, cement and glass production facilities, among others around the globe.

This eGuide takes a closer look at technology for removing harmful emissions and treatment of residue containing toxic substances while maximizing marketable energy production and profits at modern waste-to-energy plants. The insights gained in this eGuide are transferable to nearly any industrial operation as the regulations facing waste to energy operations are among the strictest globally.  

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Looking for real-world success?

This booklet offers four case studies of Solvay customers who successfully applied SOLVAir® Solutions to take their flue-gas mitigation projects from concept to real-world success. Discover how Solvay works closely with customers to overcome the environmental, cost and performance challenges unique to their own waste-to-energy plants

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