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Webinar: How to enhance energy efficiency while meeting BREF requirements

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Mitigate emissions, meet BREF, boost boost flue gas treatment efficiency. In our webinar, explore Waste to Energy transformations with SOLVAir®.

In this webinar, we will share key facts and success cases of revamping existing facilities in the Waste-to-Energy industry, illustrating how the SOLVAir® solution enables effective compliance with BREF requirements, effectively mitigating pollutant emissions, and enhancing energy efficiency. 

Jean Pascal BALLAND, Head of Sales SOLVAir® Solutions - Düsseldorf, Germany 

Experienced sales leader in environmental products, technologies and services. 16 years track record in sodium bicarbonate-based industrial flue gas treatment applications. Various positions held in R&D, servicing, technical marketing, business development and sales at Solvay. 

Manel GASTÓN ELIAS, Market Development Manager SOLVAir® - Barcelona

Spain Chemical Engineer, joined Solvay in 2011. 7 years of experience in energy and process optimization, soda ash and sodium bicarbonate production, design and start up of a SOLVAir®’s plant. From 2018 has drived global market growth for SOLVAir® Solution in waste to energy, biomass combustion, sludge incineration, non-ferrous metallurgy, coal power plants and oil and gas refining. 

Eyleen Vanessa MORENO, Marketing Development Manager SOLVAir® - Paris, France

Chemical Engineer with a M. Sc. in Materials Science and Engineering. Over 11 years of experience in key account management, business development, sales strategy, market research and technical support across diverse industries worldwide. Founder and leader of a sustainability team, driving projects in recycling, reusing, and reduction. 

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