Pollution Solutions… Proven to help clean the air

These days, air pollution concerns are on everyone’s mind, especially with the revised CSAPR and pending MATS and MACT regulations. Why not use trona or sodium bicarbonate in a Dry Sorbent Injection system – a tried and proven method of removing pollutants from flue gas emissions. Independent case studies have demonstrated the technology to be capable of removing not just HCl and SO2, but also SO3, HF, and in some cases, even NOX

It’s a real balancing act to achieve reliable power, asset utilization and cost-effective compliance. But we are here to help. Call me direct at 713.525.6829 for some straightforward Solutions to your questions on compliance…and the options that could work for you. And our website at solvair.us has a comprehensive library that will help clarify trona and sodium bicarbonate use in Dry Sorbent Injection.