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SOLVAir for steel industries


FOCUSING ON…Unique air pollution challenges which drive innovative solutions

Acid gas emissions can sometimes be overwhelming, no matter what the industry. But assisting customers to solve these challenges is what we do. With a track record of helping hundreds of companies reach regulatory compliance, SOLVAir® is expert in the treatment of air pollution. From coal fired power plants and small incinerators to waste-to-energy plants and more, our history of innovation in the air pollution marketplace has helped customers find solutions that work. Call us today…we welcome the opportunity to help!


WHAT’S UP! Analyze this! Why evaluating residue from a sodium sorbent DSI system makes it more efficient…

Can analyzing residue from a DSI system really help the air pollution control process become more efficient? And if so, why? Our recent issue of Quick Facts answers these questions and more about why maintaining the rate of sodium sorbent utilization can be a cost-effective tool in helping optimize its consumption!

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