Analyze this! Why evaluating residue from a sodium sorbent DSI system makes it more efficient!

Q. Can analyzing residue from a DSI system really help make the air pollution control process more efficient?

A. Actually, yes! One of the best ways to understand how well your sodium based sorbent DSI system is working is by analyzing the residues.

Q. Why?

A. Because once you obtain the rate of utilization of the sodium sorbent, it can be used as a tool to help optimize the consumption. This makes the air pollution control process the most efficient it can be, and it helps cut costs.

Q. Sounds good to me! How can this be done?

A. SOLVAir® analyzes the chemical composition of these residues to obtain the rate of sodium sorbent utilization - free of charge for customers and potential customers! Optimize consumption, maximize the efficiency of the air pollution control process, and cut costs! What’s not to love!


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