Going in the right direction to control SO2 emissions? SOLVAir® sodium sorbents can take you where you need to go!

While the use of lime products for flue gas treatment is often a popular air pollution control choice, trona or sodium bicarbonate used in a Dry Sorbent Injection system (DSI) may be an overall better option. 

SOLVAir® sodium sorbents are known for their wide variety of applications in reducing acid gas in flue gas emissions in industries ranging from power plants to cement plants to industrial boilers. The benefits of using a dry sodium product in DSI include reduced product consumption, thus reduced fly ash; effective multi-pollutant mitigation; elimination of lime-related caking, resulting in reduced maintenance costs; and acid gas removal at a wider temperature range.

At SOLVAir® Solutions, we work with our customers to help them make the right choice for their plants. Contact me today at 303.489.9183 for more information on how we can help in the decision-making process. Or go to solvair.us for comprehensive information on the benefits of trona and sodium bicarbonate when used in DSI. 


Marilyn Treacy Stone  
Commercial Manager