At long last, summer…But air pollution control regs still make waves!

At long last summer is here, and along with it, the Supreme Court’s recent decision to validate CSAPR and the latest proposed GHG regulations. And while it’s difficult at this time of year to get excited about any new regs, perhaps Dry Sorbent Injection could make the process less frustrating.  

DSI is the low-cost alternative to a semi-wet or wet scrubbing system for the removal of HCl and SO2.With DSI, there is no need for reactor tanks, slurry pumps, spray towers, or recycle streams, making it one of the most straightforward Solutions to emissions problems, especially given an uncertain future for some plants.  

When it comes to air pollution, it helps to be able to make life a little easier when your options are simplified. DSI could be the system that works for you. Call me direct at 713.525.6829 or access our website at for definitive information on the subject.