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SOLVAir for glass industries-working engineers


FOCUSING ON…Cleaning up air pollution in the industrial landscape

Initially formed to help power plants combat SO2 and HCl in flue gas emissions, SOLVAir®’s reach has expanded beyond that single end use segment.  Now, from glass, steel, carbon black, and cement manufacturers, to industrial boilers, pulp & paper mills and more, SOLVAir®’s dry sodium sorbents used in a DSI (Dry System Injection) system are helping clean up to 99% SO2, SO3, HCl and HF, all of which, by the way, are primary contributors to fly ash pollution. Click here to find out more!


WHAT’S UP! Expanding end use markets for SOLVAir®’s solutions to HCl and SO2 emissions

Glass, cement and steel manufacturers, oil & gas producers, biomass plants…all necessary to the world in which we live.  The products and services they offer are essential; however, the downside can be HCl and SO2 in flue gas emissions. SOLVAir®, with 30 years of experience in cleaning up the air, is helping these industries achieve peak performance in eliminating air pollutants.  


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