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Coal fired electric power plant

Case Study: Chilean Coal Fired Power Plant

Energy Production: Coal power

Chilean coal fired power plant Key figures - April 2023

  • 99% SO2 mitigation
  • Up to 4 MU$D/y in savings
  • 3 times less absorbent consumption
  • Achievement of 300 mg/Nm3 SO2 constant
  • 6 Years of Operation


Introduction to our client's needs

This case study highlights the successful implementation of SOLVAir® Solutions for a 150 MW coal-fired power plant in Chile. The client initially requested a low CAPEX solution for SO2 abatement to reduce below the emission limit of 400 mg SO2/Nm3 at 6% O2. 

The situation was particularly challenging due to high consumption of hydrated lime, collapse of the bag filter, and high logistics costs for residue transport to the waste pit. The continuous assistance of SOLVAir® throughout the change and adaptation process led to significant savings and improved energy production efficiency.


What SOLVAir® did for this coal fired power plant

Same system, new solution

The SOLVAir® team proposed changing the usual absorbent to SOLVAir® sodium based solution using the same old gas removal system. 

Going beyond the emissions target

The key benefits for the client included low gas cleaning costs (up to 4 MU$D/y in savings), 3 times less absorbent consumption (lower logistics cost), decreased residues (lower logistics cost), and more time dedicated to core business functions (more efficient energy production). The client achieved their target of 380 mg/Nm3 SO2 and maintained 300 mg/Nm3 SO2 constant in gases.

Low CAPEX to implement the 99% SO2 mitigation

After six years of operation with SOLVAir® S350, the product has managed to far exceed client expectations. The client was pleased with the low CAPEX solution for SO2 abatement, which led to significant savings in logistics costs and improved energy production efficiency. Additionally, the client was impressed with the 99% SO2 mitigation and the significant decrease in absorbent consumption compared to hydrated lime. The reduction in residues was also an added advantage for the client.


Requirement of the Chilean Legislations

400 mg SO2/Nm3 at 6% O2





“After 6 years of operation with SOLVAir S350, I can assure that our product has managed to far exceed client's expectations”

Pablo Contino, Business Development Manager for SOLVAir® LATAM