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Case Study: Coal Fired Power Plant for Steam production in Chile

Energy Production: Coal power plant (steam)

Key figures - May 2022

  • SOLVAir® Stoichiometric Ratio (SR) =1,8   vs Hydrated lime SR=11,9 for 99% of SO2 abatement
  • 5-7 times less absorbent consumption
  • 11-14 times less residues compared hydrated lime 


Introduction to our client's needs

Our client, an important player in the energy sector, approached us with a critical challenge. Operating a coal-fired power plant in Chile, they were confronted with the pressing need to address two paramount issues: achieving a low Operating Expenditure (OPEX) solution for sulfur dioxide (SO2) abatement and, perhaps even more crucial, reducing SO2 emissions to levels well below the regulatory limits: 400 mg SO2/Nm3 @ 11% O2.

The situation posed specific challenges due to the unique circumstances of our client's operation. The power plant faced exceptionally high consumption of hydrated lime, primarily used in the flue gas desulfurization process. 


What SOLVAir® did for this coal fired power plant

It was imperative for our client to find a sustainable and cost-effective solution to lower their emissions while maintaining operational efficiency and economic viability

Our mission was clear: to develop a tailored strategy that would significantly cut OPEX while ensuring that SO2 emissions were brought well below the stipulated limits, all while efficiently addressing the challenge of high hydrated lime consumption.

Compatibility with Existing DSI System: By integrating SOLVAir® into the existing DSI system, we ensured a seamless transition for our client. This approach not only saved time but also reduced the complexity of implementing a new solution. It exemplified our commitment to optimizing our client's resources and minimizing operational disruptions.

Drastic Reduction in Consumption: Perhaps the most striking benefit our solution delivered was a significant reduction in resource consumption. SOLVAir® consumption was 5 to 7 times lower than that of traditional hydrated lime previously used. This dramatic reduction in consumption not only had a positive impact on operational costs but also contributed to a more sustainable, environmentally responsible operation.

Environmental Compliance: With SOLVAir® as absorbent, the power plant was not only able to meet but exceed environmental requirements by substantially reducing SO2 emissions. This achievement had a two-fold benefit, enhancing the plant's compliance with stringent environmental standards and fostering a cleaner, greener footprint in the community.

Cost-Efficiency: The lower SOLVAir® consumption directly translated into a more cost-effective solution for our client. Our approach delivered a clear economic advantage, aligning with the client's initial need for a low OPEX solution.

Our client was highly satisfied with the results achieved during the SOLVAir® tests, particularly in terms of the reduced quantity of SOLVAir®compared to HYDRATED LIME and the positive effect on the bag filter's performance. This improvement led to a decrease in cleaning cycles, thanks to lower solid content in the gas stream.

Pablo Contino, Business Development Manager for SOLVAir® LATAM