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ACE Conference Picture SOLVAir Team only

SOLVAir® American Team

Meet  SOLVAir® American Team!

SOLVAir® relies on a team of engineers and experts located all around the world. Today, we introduce you our American team. They support our clients in the installation of SOLVAir® Dry Injection System to improve their performance while meeting local and internal air pollution control regulations.


ACE Conference Picture SOLVAir Team only

From right to left: 

  • Cornelia Cretiu Vasiliu, SOLVAir® Technical Development Engineer

  • Jordi Lopez Launes, SOLVAir® Strategic Marketing Manager

  • Michael Atwell, SOLVAir® Sales Development Manager,

  • Marco Riccio, SOLVAir® Sales Development Manager

  • Marilyn Treacy-Stone, SOLVAir® Commercial Manager