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SOLVAir-Cement manufacturing

THE SOLVAir® Breeze - November 2019


SOLVAir®s efficient air pollution solutions for the cement industry.

With cement manufacturers becoming more environmentally friendly and switching to alternative fuels such as waste and industrial residues, HCl and SO2 in flue gas emissions need to be treated differently. By injecting a sodium-based dry sorbent into the flue gases right before bag filters, the pollutants can be removed with the minimum amount of sorbent, with residues formed at minimum cost per ton of clinker produced. The sodium-based sorbent addition does not significantly affect the alkali standard limits in the clinker, even if cement kiln dust is wholly recirculated as part of the raw feed…a most efficient way of complying with emissions limits! Click here to find out more!


WHAT’S UP! Cement plant brings down SO 2 and HCl emissions!

At a North American cement plant, a solution to provide the most efficient acid gas removal from flue gases while consuming less sorbent was implemented by SOLVAir®, generating less residue and reducing related logistics costs. Results? Over 97% mitigation of SO2 and HCl emissions! Find out more here!


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