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SOLVAir for Non Ferrous Mettalurgy Industries

THE SOLVAir® Breeze - January 2020

FOCUSING ON…Targeting acid gas emissions challenges in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry

Non-ferrous metallurgy applications such as the production and recovery of aluminum, copper, tin zinc and lead; the refining and recycling of precious or semi-precious metals; and the roasting of spent petrochemical rare metals catalysts involve a wide variety of processes which generate HCL and SOx emissions from either combustion or specific manufacturing steps. SOLVAir®’s sodium-based solutions can help drastically reduce these emissions by up to >99%, enabling the industry to easily comply with EPA regulations or other specific rules. Click here to find out more!


WHAT’S UP! Non-ferrous metallurgy – simpler, more economical operations

In the non-ferrous metallurgy industry, recycling is both feasible and economically sound! Some manufacturing processes allow the recycling of residual sodium chemicals from flue gas treatment systems that use sodium bicarbonate. As a result, operators use less raw materials, and in the case of flue gas purification residues from molten sodium chloride-based processes, no residues have to be disposed of. This simplifies operations and reduces operating expenses.

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