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SOLVAir products-SOLVAir SB03-Production plant in Torrelavega

SOLVAir® SB 0/3

What makes SOLVAir® SB 0/3 special?

SOLVAir-products-SB03 production in Torrelavega

A collaborative innovation effort

The result of a fruitful collaboration with our industrial partners, SOLVAir® SB 0/3 is a new sodium-based formulation for dry sorbent injection systems for the treatment of flue gases. It is highly efficient in mitigating acid gases such as HCl, SOX, and HF
of industrial processes.

Saving time and energy

SOLVAir® SB 0/3 is a ready-to-use product: as it comes in powdered form, it doesn’t require the installation of a grinder. The product can be injected directly into the flue gases, thus saving time and energy for the user.

Efficient and cost effective

Thanks to its unique properties, SOLVAir® SB 0/3 enables operators such as waste-to-energy plants to easily comply with the most stringent environmental regulations while maintaining high energy efficiency.

It also offers unparalleled cost effectiveness, thanks to the reduced quantity of sodium-based product needed, and because of the fact facilities can dispose of higher amounts of marketable energy.


Who is SOLVAir® SB 0/3 recommended for?

Numerous benefits in terms of efficiency and compliance 

The SOLVAir® SB 0/3 sodium-based formulation was specially designed to fit the needs of waste-to-energy operators and industrial manufacturing processes.

More generally, it is recommended to:

  • Revamp plants using lime milk  or a dry lime injection based flue gas treatment systems with a bag filter and a DeNOX selective catalytic reduction system
  • Improve facilities’ energy efficiency and increase their marketable energy
  • Mitigate pollutant peaks generated by waste incineration
  • Be able to treat more waste with high sulfur and chlorine contents 

 Consistently compliant emissions

The first industrial applications of SOLVAir® SB 0/3 speak for themselves, yielding air emissions that are compliant with stringent European regulations:

  • HCl:  5-10 mg/Nm³ dry 11% O2
  • SO2: 10-50 mg/Nm³ dry 11% O2


What are SOLVAir® SB 0/3’s benefits for users?

Easy to use and efficient

SOLVAir® SB 0/3 is a ready-to-use sodium-based sorbent. It comes in powdered form and therefore doesn’t require grinding before use. Thanks to this, on top of its environmental benefits, it offers a list of advantages such as easy handling and operational efficiency, namely:

  • Simple dry and direct injection into the flue gas vein
  • Dry flue gas treatment over a large range of temperatures
  • Optimal process control and operational flexibility
  • Possibility of residue recycling
  • Adds complementary value with DeNOx selective catalytic reduction systems

Less product needed for less hassle

Required quantities of SOLVAir® SB 0/3 are relatively low thanks to its high efficiency in neutralizing flue gases. Residue quantities are therefore lower than with lime-based flue gas treatment systems, while quantities of ammonia for DeNOX selective catalytic reduction are decreased as well. All this reduces supply costs and increases operational ease of use. 

Lastly,  the residue can be recycled at specialized facilities thanks to RESOLEST® or SOLVAL®. From there it can be used as a raw material in the sodium carbonate manufacturing process.

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