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Case study-Cement plant in USA-SOLVAir

Case study: Cement manufacturing plant in the USA

Industrial: Cement industry

US Cement factory - Key figures & facts - June 2019

  • Over 97% mitigation of SO2 and HCl

  • The possibility to conduct the full scrubbing of both SO2 and HCl


Our US cement manufacturer customer’s needs

Reduce its emissions to be compliant  

Our customer is a cement manufacturing plant in the USA. In order to comply with the requirements of the CISWI legislation on Commercial & Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units, they needed to strongly reduce the amount of Hydrogen chloride (HCl) and Sulfur dioxide (SO2) in their flue gases. HCl in particular had to be brought down to under 3 parts per million over a 30 day rolling average.

Keeping the possibility of fuel flexibility

But in addition to that, the plant also needed to be able to continue to enjoy fuel flexibility, as they burn coking residue to make cement, but also things like used roof tiles and tires, which generates volatile flue gases. Lastly, they also wanted to avoid the cost of installing wet scrubbers for their exhaust treatment.


What SOLVAir® provides to this US cement manufacturer

The installation of SOLVAir®’s dry sorbent injection flue gas treatment solution was completed in 2018. HCl removal from the cement plant’s emissions has proven efficient and consistent. As for SO2 mitigation, our customer is now equipped and ready for the moment when regulations will be extended to these emissions.

Technical guidance included

Both trona and Sodium bicarbonate based products were tested, with technical advice and guidance provided by SOLVAir®’s teams of experts and engineers regarding the system and its equipment, throughout its installation and testing process.


Benefits for the customer

Our solution proved to provide the most efficient acid gas removal from flue gases while consuming less sorbent, therefore generating less residue and reducing related logistics costs.

Guaranteed compliance, now and in the future

The cement plant was able to ensure regulatory compliance now and with future, stricter regulations, whatever the variations in its flue gas emissions, thus maintaining the fuel flexibility it needs.


Requirements of the legislation in the US for cement plant

CISWI legislation on Commercial & Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units