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Case study - Coal power plant in USA - SOLVAir

Case study: An American coal power plant

Energy Production: Coal power

US Coal power plant - Key figures & facts, June 2019

  • Two production units producing 1320 MW

  • Effective Sorbent of choice S300

  • 88% removal with ESP of SO2 on a regular basis

Our coal-power plant customer’s need: to get rid of SO2

Coal-fired power plants may generate high levels of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions. Our customer’s demand was to remove as high as 88% of SO2 contained in its flue gases, and the use of a dry sorbent injection system eliminated the need to install a wet scrubber, a much more costly solution.

Proximity to the city

One particularity of this coal power plant is its location, in a medium american town, making the proper treatment of its emissions all the more crucial. The plant is also located near an abandoned coal mine, offering possibilities for residue disposal.


What SOLVAir® does for this USA coal power plant

Installed late 2013, our solution provided this coal-fired power plant with a proven and efficient method for removing SO2 from its emissions, coupled with an electrostatic precipitator (ESP).

Reliable mitigation at a reasonable cost

The high level of SO2 removal required by local and national regulations can be consistently and reliably reached thanks to SOLVAir®’s sodium sorbents used in dry sorbent injection systems, which eliminate the need for a wet scrubber.

What’s more, the proximity of an abandoned coal mine enables the easy disposal of residue, thus preventing soil subsiding.


Benefits for this USA coal power plant

Thanks to our flue gas treatment solution, our customers can readily comply with current SO2 emissions limits for coal-fired power plants. They can also be confident they can adapt to future more stringent requirements if necessary, without needing any additional installations or modifications to the current system.