La Méridionale key figures - 2019

  • La Méridionale is the first shipping company to add a particle filter on their vessel
  • SO2 level according to MARPOL 2020 (0.5%) and SECA (0.1%) is achieved
  • >99.9 % of particles (<PM1) were removed

"The results are conclusive, this process goes well beyond the regulatory requirements of MARPOL 2020 thanks to the elimination of 99.9% of fine and ultra-fine particles, in addition to sulphur oxide."

Benoît Dehaye, Managing Director of La Méridionale.

What are La Méridionale needs?

La Méridionale is a French Marseille-based shipping company operating a ferry service to the French island of Corsica since 1937, transporting 278 200 passengers each year.

Anticipate IMO 2020 regulations for SOx and future Particulate Matter regulations

From January 1st 2020, the International Maritime Organization Marpol Annex VI regulation will limit sulfur content in Heavy Fuel Oil to 0.5% in all the Globe’s water, excluding Emission Control Areas (ECA) where a 0.1% sulphur limit is already enforced. Up to then, the general limit was fixed at 3.5% (1.5% for passenger vessels).

Decrease its environmental footprint with a cost efficient solution

La Méridionale was looking for a viable economic model allowing them to use high sulphur fuel while complying with air pollution control regulations for SOx, anticipate PM regulations, and also decrease its impact on the environment.

Reassure the local population

La Méridionale also wants to satisfy the inhabitants living near ports in Corsica and Marseille worried about the health risks associated with ferry traffic air pollution. Particles discharge is especially problematic, as its inhalation can lead to increased risk of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular conditions and dermatological problems.


What did SOLVAir® Marine do for La Méridionale?

Press Release-SOLVAir Marine-La Méridionale-Andritz

Installation of a SOx and particle removal system for Piana

SOLVAirⓇ Marine team facilitated the joint collaboration of three partners: Solvay, Andritz and La Méridionale. The result of this collaboration is the installation of the world's first dry exhaust gas treatment system on the vessel PIANA. With its 30 years experience,  Solvay brought technical support during the engineering, construction and operation phases, with a specific focus on the injection of dry sorbent; Solvay also supplied the sodium-based sorbent and safely managed the residues. Andritz designed, built and delivered the equipment, integrated on the vessel under La Méridionale's responsibility.

A successful six month trial

Piana is the first vessel running SOLVAir® Marine Solution. SOLVAir® Marine teams, Andritz representatives and La Méridionale have run a trial of 6 months to test the efficiency of the solution on vessels running on High Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) engines.


Discover SOLVAir® Marine solution

    of SOx emissions

    Benefits for La Méridionale

    Operators on Piana La Méridionale - SOLVAir Marine

    An easy installation in two weeks only

    The installation of the dry exhaust gas treatment system on the Piana was done in only two weeks and didn’t require any dry docking. Since SOLVAir® bicarbonate and sodium based sorbent are safe and easy to handle, operators of the system use this technology relatively smoothly.

    No effluents released into the sea

    Since SOLVAir® Marine provides a SOx and particle removal system that doesn’t generate any liquid effluent, no pollutants are released into the sea.

    Higher particle removal 

    With the existing installation, SOx emissions are reduced below 0.1% (IMO limit is 0.5%). No plume of smoke is visible.

    "This is not the first time that La Méridionale has innovated for the environment, and it is always a huge source of pride for our crews. This trial is part of our development strategy and follows the actions undertaken over many years to limit our environmental footprint. After limiting our quayside emissions, notably thanks to the electrification of our vessels, we are undertaking research on solutions to limit emissions at sea"

    Benoît Dehaye, Managing Director of La Méridionale.

    Requirements of the regulations towards maritime industry

    • MARPOL 2020: SOx <0.5 %
    • Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECA): SOx <0.1 %

    World Health organization guidelines

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has also posed a set of guidelines regarding fine particles including PM 2.5 and PM 10 < 10mg/m3 to expose the short and long term exposure exceeding these recommendations.


    Consequently, the system developed by SOLVAY and Andritz, and the Pianan vessel, received certification and authorization to use this system and ensure compliance with IMO regulation:

    • MED, Module G certificate issued - 21.6.2019